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Alhambra guitars . The big name in Spanish classical guitars, flamenco guitars and acoustic guitars handmade in Spain

Alhambra guitars was founded in 1965 from an original small guitar workshop located in the town of Muro De Alcoy. From the beginning it was always their policy to combine the highest standard of craftsmanship in guitar making with the latest technology to produce the finest classical guitars, flamenco guitars and acoustic guitars hand made in Spain.Special priority is given to their research department where all ideas and projects are developed. Manned by highly skilled staff this has enable Alhambra Guitars to produce the top guitar models of their range which today are considered second to none. The knowledge learned from the development of Alhambra's concert models is used by their specialized craftsmen in the building of the student guitar range. Although modern technology is an important part of Alhambra Guitar's production technique, all of their instruments are built in the traditional Spanish way. Today Alhambra Guitars enjoys a deservedly Worldwide reputation for outstanding quality.


Alhambra Student Line

Alhambra 1C, Alhambra 2C, Alhambra 3C and Alhambra Iberia

The models 1C, 2C, 3C and Iberia from Alhambra Guitars mark the beginning of their range of traditional Spanish guitars. The workmanship of these instruments is of unquestionable professional quality, and they are an excellent value at low price. They are ideal for anyone wishing to learn to play guitar.

Alhambra Conservatory Line

Alhambra 4P, Alhambra 5P, Alhambra 6P, Alhambra 7C and Alhambra 7P

These mid-range guitars are ideal for intermediate-level musicians who wish to continue their guitar studies. The selection of excellent materials and the special care placed in each of their individual components make these instruments excellent companions for advanced students who need a good instrument to improve their technique and musicality.

Alhambra Concert Line

Alhambra 8P, Alhambra 9P, Alhambra 10P and Alhambra 11P

Hand-made using traditional methods and an excellent selection of solid woods and other high-quality materials, these instruments are ideal for advanced musicians. Excellent playability a strong, beautiful tone with rich variety of nuances are among the superior qualities to be found in the guitars of Alhambra Concert Line. 


Alhambra Professional models




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