tuners and metronomes

tuners and metronomes

Guitar tuners and metronomes for a precise control of your guitar tuning and tempo. Small enough to fit in your guitar case, our chromatic tuners are a precise and comfortable tool that allows you to tune your guitar in seconds. If you want to improve your tempo, don't forget to include a guitar metronome with your order.

Wittner Taktell SUPER MINI 880.2 metronome in solid wood


The Wittner Taktell Super-Mini series 880.2 metronomes are the world's smallest pendulum metronomes and feature a wooden, hinged front cover and a wind-up mechanism. This 880210 model has a wooden, mahogany-coloured case. The metal swinging arm has a weight which moves down along its length to match the desired bpm, which is clearly marked on a metal back plate. Made in Germany.


Wittner 818 Metronome with Bell in Oak


The Wittner 818 Metronome with Bell in Oak. For over 100 years, the German company Wittner, has made finely-crafted precision metronomes. Computer-controlled technology makes sure that manufacturing standards for Wittner products are maintained to the same exacting levels in the 21st century as the craftsman-built metronomes of a century ago. This traditional maelzel pyramid 818 metronome comes in an oak wood finish and is complete with a bell.


Wittner Taktell Piccolo 836 Metronome Black

€51.24 €38.43

The Wittner 836 Taktell Piccolo is a small pocket size metronome in a durable plastic case with a snap on cover. Size: 6"h x 2 3/4"w x 1 5/8"d. Precision performance equal to a full size metronome. Made in Germany. Range 40 to 208 beats per minute.


Korg GA-50 Guitar and Bass tuner


The Korg GA-50 is the standard tuner that KORG recommends for every guitarist or bassist. The new display features a larger note indicator, making reading even easier. The GA-50 offers many features in a slim, compact body, providing high-precision tuning in any situation.


Korg CA-2 chromatic tuner


The Korg CA-2 is a pocket chromatic tuner the size of a credit card, easy to carry anywhere. The rounded body is comfortable to hold in your hand, and now offers a sleeker style that enhances the battery compartment. A new mechanism allows us to replace the battery by sliding the entire body, avoiding the risk of losing the compartment cover.

The wide tuning range covers any instrument.

The CA-2 offers a range of A0-C8, allowing fast and accurate tuning of wind, string, keyboard, and other categories. In addition to the built-in high-sensitivity microphone, the optional CM-200 contact mic can be used to send vibrations from the instrument directly to the tuner for an even more accurate result.


FZONE FMT-601 Tuner and Metronome


The FZONE FMT-601 is a chromatic tuner with metronome function. The FMT-601 is capable of picking up the signal via an internal microphone or line input and has a tempo range of 30-280bpm. In addition, the FMT-601 also features a reference tone generator capable of outputting a range of 4C to 4B.


FZONE FMT-700 Tuner and Metronome


The FZONE FMT-700 is a chromatic clip-on tuner with ukulele, violin, bass and guitar modes. In addition, it is also a complete metronome with different features such as rhythmic figures, time signatures and speeds to make studying easier.


Wittner 440 Hz Tuning Fork


The Wittner 440 Hz tuning fork offers a simple and accurate way to tune your instrument. Its elegant design and Made in Germany quality ensure an unlimited tuning reference, no batteries, fully sustainable and virtually unbreakable. Round bars 4.5mm diameter. Carrying bag included.


Heriba Maestro 104 6 notes pitch pipe tuner


The 6 notes pitch pipe tuner Heriba Maestro 104 offers a simple and accurate way to tune your instrument. Its elegant design and Made in Germany quality ensure an unlimited tuning reference, no batteries, environmentally friendly and virtually unbreakable.


D'Addario Equinox PW-CT-24 Rechargeable Tuner

€20.58 €14.68

The D'Addario Equinox chromatic clip-on tuner is an exceptional choice for fast and accurate tuning both on and off stage. With a charge life of up to 24 hours, this tuner delivers performance during long practice sessions and live performances. Its full-colour vertical display provides a clear, easy-to-read display, while the auto-off function helps conserve battery power.

The D'Addario Equinox tuner also features pitch calibration, allowing you to adjust the tuning to your personal preference. Its discreet, compact design fits easily on any instrument, and its multi-directional action allows it to be positioned both in front of and behind the headstock, making it convenient for both left- and right-handed players.

The tuner comes with a 30 cm USB cable for convenient recharging. With the D'Addario Equinox PW-CT-24 tuner, you get accurate tuning, easy viewing and a practical design, all in a compact, high-quality package.


D'Addario Eclipse PW-CT-17 Headstock Tuner

€14.21 €10.01

The D'addario Eclipse PW-CT-17 chromatic clip-on tuner offers fast and accurate chromatic tuning downstage and upstage. The tuner features a full-colour vertical display, automatic shut-off and pitch calibration in a discreet, compact design. The multi-directional action facilitates a perfect viewing angle and can be mounted in front of or behind the headstock on right-handed or left-handed instruments.


D'Addario MICRO PW-CT-15 Soundhole Tuner

€27.19 €19.29

Designed specifically for acoustic, classical, flamenco, ukulele and other acoustic instruments, the D'addario Micro PW-CT-15 chromatic soundhole tuner hides neatly inside the instrument's soundhole for discreet tuning. The non-marking universal mounting clip allows for stress-free installation, while the high-sensitivity piezo transducer picks up vibrations directly from the soundboard for fast, accurate tuning response. The bright multi-colour display allows for easy viewing in any environment - it's so small, convenient and accurate you'll want one for every one of your acoustic instruments!


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