Guitar Stands

Guitar Stands

Stands for the classical guitar, Flamenco guitar and acoustic guitar. Floor stands and wall hangers to support guitars and basses. Special ergonomic support cushions and stands for playing Flamenco and classical guitar more comfortably, whilst maintaining good posture, as well as footrest stools for the classical guitar.

Hercules GSP38WB PLUS Guitar Wallmount


Classical, flamenco and acoustic guitar wall hanger Hercules GSP38WB PLUS. Can be used to hang different shaped guitars or basses vertically and safely. Wooden base and Auto-Swivel AGS Yoke that allows you to adjust the hanger to your specifications and locks the instrument safely in place.


HM EG23 Wooden guitar stand


HM EG23, wooden stand for classical and flamenco guitar. Made in Spain with solid Mahogany wood and Medium-density fiberboard. The EG23 is a guitar stand of great beauty and excellent finish, ideal for the stage and for the house.


Hercules FS100B Foot rest for guitarists


The Hercules FS100B Footrest for guitarists, has a 20% larger foot plate lined with solid rubber for non-slip support. Has 5 positions to adjust the height and angle of the foot rest and is sturdy and compact.


TAYE TE-2004 Foot rest for guitarists


The TAYE TE-2004 Footrest for guitarists is an inexpensive classic footrest made of steel with various positions to adjust the height and angle of the foot rest. Sturdy and durable.


Planet Waves Headstand PW-HDS


The Planet Waves Headstand PW-HDS provides secure support to guitars and basses for hassle free string changes and instrument maintenance. The compact design folds up for easy storage and the soft, over molded contact points will not damage instrument finishes. The compact size and collapsibility allow you to store the Headstand in your guitar case, so it's there whenever you need it.


Guitar stand Ergoplay Professional EP80001


The Ergoplay Professional EP80001 guitar stand allows you to play the guitar for hours in a comfortable and ergonomic posture. With interchangeable suction cups. Comfortable 235 mm foam support for the guitarist's thigh. It fits guitar sides through 3 suction cups. Balanced weight distribution of the guitar. The height and tilt of the guitar can be adjusted independently.


OZONE S-12 Wooden guitar stand


The OZONE S-12 is a minimalistic and easy to carry wooden like stand for classical, acoustic and flamenco guitar. With no bolts or moving parts, the guitar stand OZONE S-12 is easy to mount and dismount in seconds and it's ideal for the stage and for the house.


Oasis OH-25 QUADREST Guitar support


The Oasis OH-25 QUADREST is a special stand for classical guitar, flamenco guitar, acoustic guitar and other stringed instruments. This stand helps the guitar player to have a more ergonomic playing posture and folds down so that you can carry it around easily.

  • Elevates guitar to perfect playing position
  • Eliminates uncomfortable footrests
  • Reduces back, leg and hip stress
  • Single suction cup attach and release lever
  • Oasis® suction cup protector included
  • Fits inside case, drawstring bag included

Oasis OH-29 Guitar support


The Oasis OH-29 guitar support cushion is designed to replace the traditional footstool, allowing the guitarist to sit more comfortably and in proper balance, whilst playing. The support assists players in maintaining good posture while seated, reducing muscle stress and fatigue and allowing more freedom of movement.

The Oasis OH-29 rests on your thigh rather than being attached to your guitar, so the support will not damage the finish of your guitar.

The support OH-29 raises the height of the guitar by about 4″ (10,16cm).


Ortega OWFS-1WR wooden foot rest for guitarists


The Ortega OWFS-1WR wooden foot rest for guitarists is a classic foot stool made of natural wood, with 6 positions to adjust the height and angle of the foot rest. Beautiful, sturdy and durable. 


Ortega OWFS-1NT wooden foot rest for guitarists


The Ortega OWFS-1NT wooden foot rest for guitarists is a classic foot stool made of natural wood, with 6 positions to adjust the height and angle of the foot rest. Beautiful, sturdy and durable. 


Hercules GS415B PLUS Classic / Acoustic guitar stand


Classical, Flamenco and Acoustic Guitar Stand Hercules GS415B PLUS. Stand for Classic-Guitar and 5/6-string Basses. Auto Grip System (AGS) safely locks the instrument in place. Easy to use continuously variable hight adjustment. Hight: 95 -118,5 cm, weight: 1,9 kg, to use up to 15 kg, not recommended for guitars varnished with nitro laquer.


Hercules GS422B PLUS Classic / Acoustic guitar stand


Double Guitar Stand Hercules GS422B PLUS. Stand for 2 guitars. Classical, electric, acoustic or Bass guitar. Auto Grip System (AGS) safely locks the instrument in place. Easy to use continuously variable hight adjustment. Hight: 95 -118,5 cm, weight: 1,9 kg, to use up to 15 kg, not recommended for guitars varnished with nitro laquer.


Stageline GS-550-A guitar stand


The GS550A classical and acoustic guitar stand offers a unique styling and attractive looks in a folding, compact and sturdy design. The compact size of this guitar stand takes up a small amount of space with a pleasant, natural look and feel. The black foam rubber contact points provides excellent protection for your guitar finish. This guitar stand is great for displaying your favorite instrument in living rooms, bedrooms, studios, and stores.


Cooperstand Pro-GB Birch guitar stand


The guitar stand Cooperstand Pro-GB is a high strength stage worthy classical and acoustic guitar stand and it fits in your guitar case. The Pro-GB is fabricated from 13 alternating layers of birch. Pro-GB is designed to securely support one stringed instrument as needed. Pro-GB is recommended for travel, stage, presentation, studio, home and display use. Pro-GB supports acoustic guitars up to 5” thick, electric or bass guitars up to 2 ¼” thick, ukulele, mandolin and more. It will also hold an autoharp or chromaharp. Pro GB folds up and neatly packs away in cases or gig bags. 

  • Inert proprietary silicone T molding at all exposed areas
  • 13 layers of laminated birch strength
  • Stainless hinge with non-slip pins
  • Two-position back brace
  • Measures 8 3/4" x 4 1/2" x 1 1/2" when closed
  • Has a 13" deep x 11" wide footprint
  • Comes in black velveteen bag

Woodside HLK2 Hi Lift Kit


The Woodside HLK2 Hi Lift Kit is an accessory for the Woodside GS2 and it's intended for those who need greater lift or vertical positioning of the instrument. The HLK-2 will provide approximately an additional 120 mm of lift to the Woodside GS2 guitar support.


Woodside AB-1 Angle Block


For those who hold the instrument at a more upright angle, or anyone who wants to customize their set up, the AB-1 Angle Block will enable you to position the guitar support Woodside GS2-LEV however you like it, up to 25 degrees additional angle bias. Depending on how the AB-1 and Ball Socket are oriented, a wide range of customized angular positioning are available. Further customize your setup with the AB-1 Angle Block.


Openhagen HangWithMe Walnut guitar wall mount hanger


The guitar wall mount hanger HangWithMe honours your home and your guitar, allowing you to display your passion in any room with style. The HangWithMe by Openhagen is a wooden collapsible wall mount that fits most classical and acoustic guitars with a symmetric headstock. Made with high quality sustainable materials like wood, metal and cork, the HangWithMe is probably the most beautiful and stylish guitar wall mount on the market.

  • Original Danish design by the award-winning duo Harrit-Sorensen
  • Suitable for most guitars and basses with a symmetric headstock
  • Installed with two screws to the wall
  • In more than 10,000 homes
  • Made of selected solid lacquered walnut wood, anodized aluminum, and lined with oiled cork
  • Can be a wall decor when not in use by simply folding it up
  • Easy to install
  • 53 mm opening

Woodside GS3-LEV guitar support


The Woodside GS3-LEV, a standout evolution from the acclaimed GS1-LEV and GS2-LEV, establishes itself as the leading guitar stand in terms of performance, quality, and aesthetics. Its enhanced design features an optimized locking ring and a broader leg support base, significantly improving comfort and ergonomics. Unlike other stands with suction cups, the GS3-LEV utilizes a four-point gripping system that securely holds the instrument's edge, accommodating variations in the depth of the guitar body, whether it's a wide-body, narrow-body, or has varying widths along its body.

With its exclusive pivot system, the GS3-LEV ensures uniform gripping on all four points, providing stability. The ball and socket locking mechanism allow the guitarist to adjust the angle between the support base and the footrest according to their preferences. The flip-lever cam locking system facilitates quick and comfortable locking and unlocking of the stand to the guitar. The easy folding and storage in a guitar case are ideal for musicians on the go, offering a convenient and efficient solution.

Crafted from anodized aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, the Woodside GS3-LEV combines durability and strength. For those seeking additional height, the HLK-2 accessory provides approximately 120mm extra lift. The AB-1 ANGLE BLOCK accessory is also available to adjust and lock the guitar's tilt angle, perfect for guitarists who prefer playing in a vertical position. Experience a new level of comfort and versatility with the innovative Woodside GS3-LEV.


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