MIDI Guitars

MIDI Guitars

In this collection, we offer you a select series of Spanish classical guitars and Flamenco guitars with MIDI system on board, all from prestigious Spanish guitar makers Ramirez guitars, Raimundo guitars and Camps guitars. The MIDI device works rather like a language; a protocol that uses a digital signal previously coded by controllers. This enables any MIDI instrument to communicate with other machines including  PC and MAC computers, synthesizers, sound modules, score editors, and other software.


Camps CUT900 MIDI Classical Guitar


The Camps guitar CUT-900 MIDI from Camps Guitars is a professional classic electric guitar with MIDI pickup and preamp, made in Spain from carefully selected woods. This model, with its fine ziricote body and exquisite ebony fingerboard, has an understated beauty and class.
The sound has a huge projection; the basses are deep and powerful, but don’t eclipse the crystalline trebles. Quick response in every register. Comfort and playability are also remarkable. Impeccable attention has been paid to the adjustment of the action of the strings and the design and finish of the neck, to make this guitar a pure, unadulterated pleasure to play.  It incorporates an exclusive amplification system with six independent saddles, which ensures the perfect balance of every string. 
Special pickup and MIDI system from RMC, one of the best MIDI guitar devices out there. The combination of a great classical guitar with the built-in RMC MIDI System makes the Camps CUT900S MIDI an unbeatable choice for the experimental classical guitarist. Guitar case included.


Jose Ramirez

Ramirez CUT 2 MIDI Classical guitar


The Ramirez CUT 2 MIDI  is a cutaway classical guitar with RMC System IV MIDI Pickup from the new Ramirez Studio Line. All solid woods in every model of this collection as well as an improved internal design for more volume and projection are two of the key features in this upgraded Ramirez Studio Line of guitars. The newly-designed headstock and rosette, exquisitely created by Amalia Ramirez herself, are the first visual indications that the new Studio Line has been given a makeover, but the improved sound and overall quality of the craftsmanship are the biggest draws in this new line of guitars. The guitar Ramirez CUT 2 MIDI is build with a solid cedar top, solid Indian rosewood back and sides and ebony fretboard. A great guitar for the performing musician. Guitar case included.


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