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Alhambra guitars

Alhambra guitars

The big name in handmade Spanish classical guitars, flamenco guitars and acoustic guitars

Alhambra Guitars came into being on June 14 1965, in Muro De Alcoy, a town located near to the Mediterranean coast in the province of Alicante, Spain. It evolved from a smaller workshop where the founders of Alhambra had been making guitars by hand for a few years in the same town. 

From the onset, it was always their mission to combine the highest standards of craftsmanship in guitar making with the latest technology, in order to produce the finest handmade classical, flamenco and acoustic guitars in Spain. To this end, they have always given special priority to persuading the most talented craftsmen and craftswomen to dedicate their lives to perfecting their skills at atelier Alhambra. And indeed, many of these master luthiers have spent their entire careers there.

Particular importance is also paid to their research and development department where ideas and projects are continually evolving, as the highly-skilled staff fine-tune new models and processes. The success of years of painstaking experimentation and groundwork is then brought to life in the workshop where Alhambra Guitars consistently produce world-class instruments. And the knowledge aquired in the development of Alhambra's concert models does not just stay there. It is then applied in the building of all of their ranges of guitar, from the student models upwards.

Today Alhambra Guitars enjoy a reputation for outstanding quality, design and sonority. They sell their instruments in 40 countries all over the world. 


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