At Guitar From Spain we work directly with the leading manufacturers of Spanish guitars. This means we are able to customize your guitar and create a unique model that suits your needs, in very little extra time.

Guitar From Spain, unlike other online guitar stores, offers the option of customizing your guitar, such as the choice of a soundboard in cedar or spruce, a cutaway option, the incorporation of different electrification systems and a Lefty option, in almost all of our models.

Take a look for yourself at the different options available for each model of guitar. If you can’t find the model of your choice, this doesn't mean we are not able to provide it. Contact us and we will try our best to satisfy your request.

These are some of the options available in our flamenco guitars, acoustic guitars and classical guitars. Almost all of them can be combined with each other enabling you to create the guitar of your dreams.

Cedar top spruce top

As you know, the most important part of the classical guitar and the acoustic guitar in terms of sound is the soundboard. Construction, assembly and the choice of wood can determine the initial sound of your guitar, as well as the way the sound improves over time. The most commonly-used woods for the construction of the soundboard in classical and acoustic guitars are Cedar and Spruce, each of which demonstrates a particular sonic and visual characteristic. By default, most of our guitars are made with a Cedar top, but you can choose Spruce if you so wish,  at no extra cost, in most of our models.

Spruce top

Spruce tops have been used for generations in spanish classical guitars and flamenco guitars. There are many types of spruce woods, as well as different qualities: German Spruce is used in many classical guitars and flamenco guitars. The age of the wood and the seasoning process will determine its quality. Generally the closer the stripes of the wood are, the older the wood is. That also applies to Cedar tops.

Spruce Tops are generally more trebly and they sound more punchy and bright, which for some people is too bright. It is generally said that Spruce-top guitars are somewhat louder and versatile in nature and prove ideal for reproducing a variety of music. The individual notes, when played contrapuntally, sound more separated on guitars with a spruce top. They have a wider tone palette with more tonal complexity.         

Cedar top

The use of Cedar tops in Classical guitars started with Jose Ramirez III in 1965. This discovery was later adopted by, practically allguitar manufacturers in the world, although, at the beginning it was highly criticized because of its innovative nature.

A guitar with Cedar top need less time to reach its full potential in sound but stop improving sooner that the ones with spruce tops. Cedar Tops have a soft attack, and are sensitive. The have a ‘warm’ mysterious tone. Does not have a wide tone palette, not tonally complex.

Cutaway option

Modern techniques of guitar playing have also extended to classical and flamenco guitars. The adoption of cutaway started in acoustic steel guitars and are now in demand in classical guitars and flamenco guitars too.

Although you can buy some cutaway classical and flamenco guitars in our shop, you may not find your guitar model with cutaway as the standard option. Again that is not a problem for us. You can add a cutaway option to practically all of our guitar models at your request, for a small additional cost.

Electrification systems for classical guitar, flamenco guitar or acoustic guitar

When it comes to go on the stage, we all want to be heard. Some of our guitar models come with electrification systems already installed but for the ones that do not come with it, you can order to get them installed at factory as one of our options.

The best electrification systems, including MIDI pickups, are available for all of our classical guitars, flamenco guitars and acoustic western guitars.

Guitars left-handed

We know how difficult it can prove to find a left-handed guitar model. The available selection is not as wide, and you may not easily find that option in the guitar of your choice.

Guitar from Spain, however, is a utopia for left-handed guitar players, because many of our guitars can be ordered as lefty models.

These guitars may have a longer dispatch time than standard right-handed models. Contact us for a precise dispatch date.