Information about guitar from spain

Because we love guitars

As guitar lovers, we are proud to offer you the best classical guitars, flamenco guitars and acoustic guitars available on the market. How are we so sure? Because each and every guitar we sell is made with passion, love and dedication. We do not sell instruments that are mass-produced. Each of them are individual, different, unique.

We sell Spanish guitars MADE IN SPAIN 

When we refer to Spanish guitars at Guitar from Spain, we are talking about guitars made in Spain, the home of classical guitars and flamenco guitars. Guitars made in Spain are bestowed with incomparable standards of quality and sound that make them unique in the world.

The market is replete with Spanish guitars which, in reality, are made in other parts of the world, yet sold as 'Spanish' guitars. Even the most well-known guitar brands around the world offer Spanish guitars that are, in fact, made in China, Indonesia, India, etc. at prices that are equal to or greater than those of guitars which are genuinely made in Spain.

With so much on offer on the market these days, it can prove difficult for the consumer to make a discerning choice, which is why, at  Guitar from Spain we sell only guitars exclusively made in Spain,  sourced from the most renowned manufacturers of Spanish Guitars, such as Alhambra guitars, Jose Ramirez guitars, Raimundo Guitars, Hermanos Camps guitars, Prudencio Saez, and Admira guitars.

Our selection

Guitar from Spain has selected guitars from the most renowned manufacturers in our country, which we consider to offer the greatest variety of model, as well as an ample price-range. These are manufacturers of recognized prestige inside and outside of Spain who produce classical, acoustic and flamenco guitars for every kind of public, from the beginner to the professional performer, with a consistent quality in every model. 

These manufacturers have managed to amalgamate traditional artisanal methods with the most modern constructive methods, which is why their production, sound and finishing produce the highest standards of quality in each and every model.

Some of you may note the absence of a particular manufacturer or luthier. The goal of Guitar from Spain is to focus on a range of guitars that can satisfy the widest clientele. Therefore, some custom-made guitars by small manufacturers, whose manufacturing lead times may be several months, do not appear in our catalogue. If this is your case, we recommend you contact the manufacturer directly. In our catalogue, however, you will be able to find high-end Luthier models from every manufacturer. These guitars are comparable in quality to those of the most prestigious luthiers, but at a much more reasonable price and with shorter deadlines.

Our distinction

We work in direct contact with the manufacturer, which is why we are able to offer very speedy delivery periods, including for those models that we may not have in stock, as well as ones with with personalized specifications, such as a different soundboard, left-handed adaptations, electrification, cutaway option, etc.

Our specialization allows us to offer these services that other online shops do not. Guitar from Spain doesn’t sell “boxes”, we sell real instruments for individual musicians. We submit each guitar to a strict quality control before sending it to the customer. This is what distinguishes us from others and is the objetive of our business.

The team at Guitar from Spain is made up of professionals with more than 20-years' experience in the guitar world. As well as being a knowledgeable sales team, able to offer expert advice, we are also all guitarists who adore this instrument. Hundreds of guitars from all over the world have passed through our hands, and we know all of their secrets. It gives us great pleasure to offer these instruments to our customers and make them happy. That’s why we only offer instruments of a guaranteed quality.

Guaranteed prices

Guitar from Spain is a Spanish company, so we can offer local prices from our domestic market. This is one of the reasons why our prices are so competitive. If you do however, find any of our guitars at a price lower than that found in our catalogue, contact us and we will try to match any reasonable offer published at the moment of the purchase with the aim of providing the best service at the best price. All our products are covered by the manufacturer's official warranty of two years.

We care

Guitar from Spain sells guitars all over the world and although some of our clients are on the other side of the world, through our web, our blog and our social networks they will find that we are always ready to help them with their purchase, or the care and mainteinance of their guitar. Many satisfied clients have come back to us to express their satisfaction with their guitar and that of our service. We hope you become one of our customers and that you enjoy the unmatched sound of a Spanish guitar.


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Cerro del Castillo 10

28450 Collado Mediano

Madrid - Spain



I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service once again. This is
the second guitar I have purchased from you and I really love my new
Prudencio Saez 1-FP. It plays and sounds amazing. Also I was amazed that
UPS delivered the guitar from Spain to Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA in 2
days! They are so much better then FedEx so I hope you continue to use
them in the future over FedEx.

Thank you again!

Andy - Alabama, USA

Manuel... Hola...

La recibi hoy. 
Estoy muy contento. Te mando 1000 gracias por tu amabilidad. 
Un saludo cordial. 
Julian - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France

guitar arrived in great condition.  Thank you for a trouble free transaction, I would order from you again anytime!!
Kent - Florida, USA

Hello guys at Guitar from Spain!! I would like tô thank you very much for the exellent service and beautiful bass guitar!!! Love and peace, greetings from Itália and Brasil.
Maurício - Sao Paulo, Brazil


Got it.  It looks great, but sounds better.  It has more bass response on the piezo than I expected, but the mic does do a great job for tone balance.

It did take a while, but I remain a satisfied customer.

Have a great day !

Bert - Colorado, USA

Mil gracias!

Ha llegado mi guitarra en perfectas condiciones.
Un placer haberlos contactado.
Gracias por su buen servicio.
Saludos desde México
Saúl - Guanajuato, Mexico

It makes a beautiful sound, I am absolutely delighted with this instrument and look forward to many more years of playing it

Dave - Carlisle, United Kingdom

Hello Manuel 
The guitar along with the other accessories arrived today 
It was definitely worth the waiting! The sound and overall quality of the instrument blew me away! Thanks for putting so much effort into protecting the instrument too. I appreciate that 
Looking forward to buying from you in the future 
Edie - Berlin, Germany

He recibido esta mañana mi guitarra flamenca en muy buen estado.
Estoy muy contento, encantado, suena muy bien, un verdadero placer.
Gracias por sus sugerencias en su sitio web. Estoy en las nubes.
Estoy muy satisfecho con él.

Florence - Île-de-France, France

vielen Dank einmal für alles!
Ich liebe die Gitarre! Da ich zuvor auf einer rechtshänder Gitarre gespielt habe, werde ich dem schönen Klang zwar noch nicht gerecht, aber es macht um so mehr Spaß das die Gitarre selbst bei den leichtesten Übungen sooo schön klingt.
Danke und liebe Grüße!
PS.: Spanische (Camps) Gitarren klingen echt toll!
Wenn möglich auch lieben Dank an Camps weiterleiten. Die Gitarre ist super in Klang und Optik!
Melanie - Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Hi Manuel,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I wanted to let you know that the Alhambra 3F model has arrived in great condition. The company is doing a great job with packaging the guitar. 

I want to thank you very much for all your help. Have a great weekend ahead.


Levon - California, USA

I have received the guitar and it is beautiful, thank you very much Manuel I really appreciate it.

Kaveh - California, USA

Hi Manuel,

I just want to inform you that I received my guitar today and I am so impressed with it.  It arrived perfectly set up -- perfect intonation, perfect action, and no string buzzes or issues with any frets.  It looks just like in the pictures and, most importantly, it sounds amazing!  Thank you :)
Anthony - New York, USA

Dear Manuel,
I am writing his to express my gratitude for your great service, and excellent communication that you conducted while my guitar was prepared and shipped. The Alhambra 4f guitar is much better sounding than I expected. I have other guitars made in Espania including a 1975 Manuel Contreras classical guitar and I am familiar with quality guitars. The Alhambra 4F is truly a high quality guitar.
I will recommend Guitars From Spain to anybody who is looking for quality guitars, and professional service and communications.
Muchas Gracias again,
Alireza - New Mexico, USA


Received my guitar on Friday.  It looks and sounds beautiful.  Thank you again for helping me select and purchase the guitar.  I look forward to playing it for many years to come.  One question – can you tell me what brand of guitar strings it has and what is the tension of the strings (extra hard?)?

Nancy - California, USA

I got the new nut today and it fixed everything!  Now there's no buzz at all, even when drop tuning.  This is an excellent guitar, I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  Thank you for all of your help and for your great service.  In the future when I want to purchase another guitar, I'll be sure to shop at your store again.  Also, I'll recommend you to my friends if they're looking for new instruments.
Thanks again, have a great weekend
Danny - Canyon County, USA

Bonjour Manuel,

J'ai bien reçu ma guitare le 21 mars, en parfait état. Elle est vraiment magnifique, sonne divinement bien, j'en suis très satisfait !
Merci pour la housse offerte ainsi que le service proposé, je n'hésiterai pas à vous recommander.
Bien cordialement,

Camille - France

Good day Manuel,
Guitar arrived this morning and beyond my expectations! Craftsmanship and finish are amazing! Bass is unbelievable with sharp trebles….brilliant guitar! 
Can you please thank Camps for me as the guitar sounds and looks beautiful and a very special thanks to you for all of your help!
I owe you a drink if we ever meet!
Best regards,
David - Germany

Dear Manuel

I love my Camps guitar. It has exceeded my expectation. One question. What strings do Camps recommend for this guitar?
My thanks for all your help and my best wishes

Ed - Jersey


Ya recibí la guitarra en buenas condiciones. Gracias por tu ayuda. 
Gustavo - Colombia

Hi Manuel,
the guitar was delivered today.
A beautiful instrument!
Sound, playability, everything is great
I'm very satisfied.

All the best

Fred - Germany

Hola Buenos Dias Manuel 

Ya recibí la Guitarra buen sonido!! estoy motivada a seguir practicando y aprendiendo nuevas canciones. 
Muchas Gracias 
Besy - USA

Hola Manuel…espero esté muy bien..Le escribo para decirle que recien acabo de recibir la guitarra después de un atraso por causa de la aduana pero bueno solo llené unos documentos que me pedían y finalmente la énviaron.Me complace mucho decirle que estoy muy sorprendido con la calidad de la guitarra, muy bien hecha y con un sonido maravilloso, no le miento si le digo que tuve muchas dudas para hacer la compra pues no es prudente comprar una guitarra sin probarla pero felizmente uds son los mejores..Le agradezco mucho su ayuda y en cuanto viaje de nuevo a España creo que les haré la visita.ETernamente agradecido le envío mi abrazo.
Oscar - USA

Hi there,
I just received my guitar from you and it was more beautiful than expected and very well packaged. I just want you to know how pleased I am and will forward your name to my contacts for sure.
Please inform the maker D PRUDENCIO SAEZ MARIN and their expert luthiers how brilliant they are :) 
Erik - Norway

Hi Manuel,
I received my guitar couple weeks ago and am very happy with it. Thank you for great service you provided. I also recommended your shop to my brother, and he placed an order yesterday. I will be shopping with you in the near future again.
Thank you again!
Orhan - USA

Dear Manuel

My Camps guitar arrived this morning. I am thrilled and delighted. It sounds wonderful and it plays beautifully. 
Thank you so much for all the effort on my behalf. Guitar from Spain is a great organisation and I am so please with the service.
My best wishes

Ed - Jersey

I finally recovered enough to play my Camps guitar and I must say thank you very much and I'm so glad that I took that step and ordered from you guys , it seems to be getting better daily. I also appreciate the Rapsody case but now wish I had one for all my guitars , very nice .

Ronald - United States

Hi Manuel,

I received the guitar it was well packed and no issues. It sounds great and I’m very  happy. Thank you for your assistance and maybe I’ll come visit one day.


Vito - USA

It has taken some time but I'm proud to say that my guitar came today and it looks fantastic the Rapsody case is very nice also . I'm afraid I'm unable to play it yet as I contracted covid a week after placing my order and am not recovered enough but maybe soon . 

I surely hope to have a continuing relationship with your most outstanding company .
Ronald - United States

Dear Manuel,

Yesterday I received the Woodside guitar support and it fits the Romantica Jellinghaus perfectly. 
I’ve played very comfortably with it today. 
Thank you for the fast shipping.
Best regards,
Jantien - Netherlands

Hi Manuel,

I received my guitar today and I wanted to thank you, it arrived in perfect condition and I am very satisfied with your services.

Thank you very much,

Marco - Switzerland

Hola Manuel,

he recibido la guitarra ayer. Estado perfecto, bien empaquetado.
Suena de maravilla, muchísimas gracias.
Saludos !
David - Switzerland

I have got my guitar from UPS this  morning. Very nice guitar! I A wonderful new year gift. I love it very much.

Thank you very much!

Ying - China

Hi Manuel,

I've got the requinto together with the bag today and I'm in love with it! Thanks so much!
I wish you a merry festive time and a happy new year!
Aleksandra - Austria

Hello Manuel Nunez

Today, Romantic guitar 1900
I received it safely.
Thank you for the wonderful guitar.

kaoru-ito - Japan

J ai bien reçu ma guitare 10fc e8 avec l etuit alhambra je suis très content de mon achat elle es vraiment très belle et l etuit au top et je tenais à vous remercier pour le geste commercial du jeu de corde et des ataches sangle .très professionnel merci beaucoup.

Christian - France

I received my Camps Primera Negra flamenco guitar last week. I would like to let you know how happy I am with this beautiful guitar and the service that I received from you. I live in Canada and it came via UPS within a week - truly amazing. Thank you so much for everything.

I have two questions. I would like to know what strings were included with the guitar and the type of lubricant that you recommend for the tuning pegs. Thanks once again.

Brian - Canada

Dear Manuel,

This note is a bit overdue, but I hope you will excuse the delay. The Alhambra 9P guitar arrived several weeks ago in perfect condition and more quickly than I would have thought possible. The artisans at Alhambra did a magnificent job on the fret markers and of course on the instrument as a whole. It took me a while to find her voice but I think the wood and the strings are just now beginning to settle in, with tones emerging in a whole new spectrum to explore. I am hearing a richly balanced and mellow sound which can be coaxed into brighter, singing tones with practice and skill. I am truly impressed once again with the craftsmanship of the Spanish guitar makers!

The smaller scale and neck width of the Señorita model are just starting to feel more familiar. It has taken some adjustment but after these few weeks I am noticing more room for expression and fewer notes just out of reach in those difficult passages. Though I have not become overnight the expert and flawless player that I was hoping for Emoji, I have gotten over that initial disappointment and settled for more incremental progress and a slight expansion of my capabilities, with a much better fit for my small and aging hands!

Thank you for all your assistance with this, for the quick answers to my questions and lightning fast delivery! I will restate what I hope is obvious, that I am very happy with this instrument and this purchase. New York City, for all it has to offer, has few shops that deal in quality student level classical guitars, and I appreciate your presence online as a service to the international community.

With Kind Regards,

Sarah - USA

Bonjour !

J ai bien reçu ma guitare ce matin elle est magnifique !! Je voudrais vous remercier pour le geste commercial au sujet de la housse magnifique également.
Merci pour tout !! Muchas gracias

Mohamed - France

Hello Manuel,

Thank you for your help and your services. I received the beautiful
Raimundo 145 yesterday. I am having a great time playing.


Mario - Canada

Dear Manuel,

I received delivery today in perfect condition  and am delighted with the high quality of the instrument. It meets my expectations of comfort playability across the fretboard. It has rich mellow tone and articulative volume response. Hard to let go once its being played. 
Please recommend replacement strings for this model. Thank you for your excellent service and look forward to future purchase orders. 
Martin - Singapore

Este mensaje es sólo para agradecer el servicio prestado, la guitarra y los demás productos llegaron a los Países Bajos perfectamente, empaquetados y sin ningún rasguño!

Recibí información del estado del pedido en todo momento.
Un placer trabajar con vosotros.

Un abrazo,

Ivan - Netherlands

I want to thank you on the guitar that I have received from you. I wanted to know if you know what brand or type of sting that they have installed on the guitar (Prudencio Saez 3-FP)


Adel - United Arab Emirates

Hi there,
I received Alhambra 11p and I really like its timbre. Thanks for your assistance!
Kind regards
Jianwei - China

I just received my guitar. It is beautiful! Thank you, Manuel. Do you know the type of strings it has? And can you please recommend the best strings for the guitar. 

Thank you 

Oseas - USA

I got the guitar. Thank you very much.

I like it a lot. The light sound fits Japanese housing situation, it don’t bother others.
Nice to meet you again.

Takao - Japan

hola! all is arrived, beautiful tha cases and fantastic the tuning machines, all the best,

Marco - Italy

Je voulais vous remercier pour votre professionnalisme, la guitare est parfais, je suis très contente de mon achat

À bientôt pour un autre achat
Bonne soirée à vous

Séverine - France

Thank you for your speedy delivery; I am enjoying my Alhambra Premier Pro immensely

André - Netherlands

Good morning

This is to confirm that the guitar has been delivered today in good condition. It is very light and easy to play compared to Normal acoustic guitars as I have fender and Yamaha.

Thank you

Agnelo - Kuwait


I received the guitar last Monday and despite having an injury in my left hand I managed to play a fair bit.

I really like this guitar a lot; it is very well build, super responsive with a lot of specs and at a very good price. Your service is great and I will definitely recommend your shop.

have a nice weekend,

David - Austria


Bien reçu ma commande ce matin à 10h,tout est OK.

je voulais vous remerciez pour votre cadeau (Housse Ortola) qui m'a fait
énormément plaisir,et par la même occasion remercier de nouveau la
personne avec qui j'ai communiquer qui a été patient et d'une extrême


Marc - France

My instrument is just beautiful.   I used it in a performance the very first weekend following its arrival.    The audience was thrilled with the sound! 

Muchas gracias de Arizona!
Michael - USA


j' ai reçu ma commande hier : le colis, l'étui et la guitare en parfait état. 
Je suis très satisfait de mon achat.
Merci à vous et à UPS.
Pascal - France

Hola, Acabo de recibir mi nueva guitarra en perfecta condicion. Solo queria agradecerles por el rapido y eficaz servicio. Muy bien empacada con mucho cuidado y en excelente caja. Gracias por la funda de la guitarra, no me lo esperaba. Tardo un poco mas de lo esperado, pero eso es una norma en estosy tiempos.

Una pregunta. Que marca cuerdas y tipo de tension trae esta guitarra? Solo por informacion.
Estoy seguro que muy pronto comprare algo de Uds.
Muchas Gracias,

Martin - USA

Hi Manuel,

Just wanted to contact you to say thank you for your help from the start and to the amazing team at Raimundo, they do amazing work, truly it's one of the nicest guitars I've ever played. The guitar has arrived and it's perfect. Beautiful craftsmanship and a lovely sound. 
You and your colleagues were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Again thank you so much. 
Best wishes,
Brian - Ireland

Hello Manuel,

The guitar arrived today and it’s great!!! Thanks very much!!! Also, thank you for the guitar bag!!! The guitar is also 100% lefthanded, I’m delighted with that too!!! The dots are on the right place. Thanks very, very much!
Fred en Jacqueline - Netherlands


Sorry for the delay - I was on vacation last week. I just wanted to tell you that I received the guitar and it is great! I have thoroughly enjoyed playing on it, and I love the sound. Thanks for all your help. 
Wadih - USA

Thank you for the expeditious delivery of my lovely new guitar (Raimundo 1492 610mm). Great tone, volume, and action. Every fret is in tune, and the tuners are unexpectedly sensitive. The 610 neck is about the size of my Gibson electric neck and allows for speedy movement up and down the fretboard. Fantastic. Thank you for making such a well-crafted instrument in this size at a reasonable price—more than a child’s guitar.


Estimado Manuel,

Te confirmo que recibi la guitarra en mi casa en Miami y te agradezo mucho la preparacion y el seguimiento que lo hiciste.

Te estoy muy agradecido

Manuel - USA

WOW the tres is arrived - such a good quality instrument and a professional care from your side... i can't be more happy than this...

Thank you so much you're the best 
Bar - Israel

Gracias por la bonita guitarra y el muy buen sonido.  

Marco - Germany

Hola, hoy llegó la guitarra en perfectas condiciones !! Muchas gracias por el apoyo durante el proceso de compra y envío !!

Gustavo - Chile

Buenos días señores GFS.

Hoy recibí mi tres cubano PS, impecablemente protegido con un ligero atraso, pero en fin...estoy muy contento con su sonido y terminación, digno de la manufactura española.

Fue un placer tratar con ustedes.


Jaime - France

It go here last week in perfect condition.  I am very impressed with the quality of my new instrument.Manuel it is every thing you said it would be and more .Sounds awesome to me . I hope that someday  I will play as good as it sounds for the time being it make me proud to to own this fine concert quitar. Thank you for everything 

Victor - Canada

Bonjour Manuel,

Hier, j'ai posé mes doigts sur ma guitare Raimundo 185 Gomalaca.

Superbe, splendide travail des luthiers, la beauté, le son, maintenant je peux reprendre mon apprentissage.

Très sincèrement MERCI à vous.


* je serais un fidèle client, à bientôt.

Daniel - France

Hello, I just received my guitar, it's even better than I hoped it would be! 

Thank you very much, keep up the good work!
Best regards,
Victor - Greece

Hello again Manuel,

I’ve had the Prudencio Saez G18 for almost two months now and the experience of playing this guitar keeps getting better and better with time. I researched many guitars before finding this model and I am very pleased with its beautifully rich sound and with the great craftsmanship is exemplifies. The woods, details and rosette all add to my appreciation of this guitar. My flamenco playing skills have been improving with frequent practice and thus the guitar responds with more and more richness. This guitar will be played often and cherished for a long time to come. 
Thank you again for your assistance with the purchase, it shipped incredibly fast and was very well packaged.
Please also send my compliments to the artisans at the Prudencio Saez factory! This guitar certainly has a great soul. 
Dominic - USA

Hello Manuel,

thank you for my Camps-Guitar. I´m so happy! She is arrived today. This Guitar has a good Sound and I`m looking forward to the first Flamenco that I play on it!

Best Regards

Monika - Germany

Good morning,

I received my guitar on Monday and I am just delighted wth it. Thank you (and Raimundo and Tatanya Ryzhkova) for an instrument that looks and sounds just beautiful. I now have a guitar that is better at being an instrument than I am currently at playing it; I will have to work hard to be able to play it at the level it deserves.

One question: What strings were used? They seem to match the guitar well and I would like to buy the same ones when they need replacing.

Again, thank you all very much.

Walter - Canada

Bonjour, je tenais à vous remercier pour votre réactivité et votre gentillesse. L étui est arrivé le jour de l anniversaire de ma fille et son cadeau lui a beaucoup plu. Encore merci

Melanie - France

Buenas tardes. Solo dos palabras para decir que me llego la guitarra perfecta, es fabulosa me gusta mucho gracias por todo sois muy profesionales les recomendare.

Bego - Spain

Dear Manuel, just to let you know that my Raimundo guitar arrived about 30 mins ago.

I am totally delighted with it and
looking forward to playing it for many years to come.
Thanks again!
Warmest regards
Stefano - United Kingdom


Received my guitar which is fantastic. Just wondering what strings are on it?
Best regards
Mike - Ireland

Hey! I just want to thank you for my guitar. I am very happy with it.

Dominic - Norway


Received the Alhambra guitar 3 op yesterday - it's beautiful - plays and sounds great!!  I'll recommend  Alhambra guitars and your company to all my students and friends.  Thank you very much.
Rob - USA

Lieber Manuel,

das lange warten hat sich gelohnt.

Die Gitarre ist im einwandreien Zusatnd, wie angekündigt am 09.04.2021, bei mir angekommen.

Die Giaterre ist wunderschön gefertigt.

Der Klang ist großartig.

Die Spielbarkeit, das Grifbrett und die Saitenlage, ist von besonderer Qualität.

Vielen Dank für für eine vertrauensvolle und gute Zusammenarbeit.

Guitar From Spain kann ich absolut weiter empfehlen.

Herzliche Grüße

Uwe - Germany

Hello, Manuel! Thank you for this beautiful guitar! All right. I am very happy! :-)

Andrey - Russia

Bonsoir Manuel,

Je vous informe que j’ai reçu avec plaisir la commande mon tres. Le colis est arrivé en bon état et surtout je suis vraiment content du tres : il sonne très bien ! Je vous remercie donc sincèrement pour votre aide et vos réponses à toutes mes questions. J’ai pu d’ailleurs enregistrer avec le tres dès le week-end dernier. 

J’en profite pour vous poser une dernière question : pourriez-vous m’indiquer la marque des cordes  qu’il y a sur le tres ainsi que leur diamètre précis.

Je vous souhaite une très bonne continuation et au plaisir d’être en contact de nouveau ! 

Didier - France

Gracias pour le chevalet Manuel....reçu ce matin. 

Je ne l'ai pas encore installé.
Je commence à m'habituer à cette guitare qui est bien différente d'une Dreadnought évidement et les accords de bossa sonnent super bien avec beaucoup de douceur et de timbre.
J'ai fait 1 bon achat.
Franchement pour le prix et la qualité c'est impressionnant... viva Espagna et Paella et Pata negra etc...
Bon week end et prend soin de toi et ta famille avec le Covid.
Patrick - France

I have received the guitar, it is very beautiful, the quality is perfect, the tone is very beautiful, it is really a very pleasant shopping experience. In addition, I would like to know the model of strings, I like them very much, could you please tell me the model of strings? I would like to buy them later, thank you very much

Best regards
Lixiaoyang - China

Dear Manuel, the guitar had arrived morning and it’s wonderful.

Thanks very much 
Eid - Germany


I recently  purchased a guitar from you shop (order below). 

It is wonderful! I have a question though... may I please know which strings you mounted on the guitar at the time of shipping?

It sounds super nice and I would like to use the same from now on!

Thank you 

Marzia - Switzerland

Hello Manuel:

My Raimundo 633E thin body guitar arrived by Fed Ex yesterday.  The whole process of buying that guitar was great.  Your catalog was easy to use,  You were very helpful when I needed it especially finding the right case.  Paypal works great for international sales. 

And, I don’t know how you straightened Fed EX out about the “toxic guitar”  problem.  It must have been you that did it, I couldn’t figure how to contact them, they didn’t leave a phone number and their email was unreturnable,

Besides that, the guitar is beautiful and it sounds better than I had hoped for.

Thank you very much…………

John - USA

Muchas gracias a Todos por la profesionalidad y amabilidad! La guitarra llegò hoy en perfecto estados! Saludos

Paolo - Switzerland

je viens de recevoir ma guitare,

je suis vraiment très satisfait de mon achat, je ne me suis pas trompé,
elle à un son très équilibré et généreux c'est une grande guitare malgré sa petite taille. Très facile à jouer,
Merci et bonne continuation.

Antonia José - France

Hallo Herr Nunez,

Ich habe die Gitarre heute erhalten. Es ist ein wunderbares Instrument. 

Vielen herzlichen Dank. 

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Werner - Germany

Hi Support,

Thank you, My order just arrived.
Every thing was perfect.
Thank you very much
Best regards,
Ali - Sweden

Gracias por todo, y por este tremendo instrumento. Encantado. 

Abraham - USA

Hello Manuel,

I want to thank you for the guitar. It arrived in perfect condition. The person who delivered it must have taken good care of it as the box was neat and undamaged on the outside. I opened and inspected the guitar and it appears to be in perfect condition. Great work!

Now I would like to buy another guitar, but this time I would like to order one a la carte. Can you explain how your a la carte ordering process works please.


Gary - Australia

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

der Gitarrenkoffer ist heute angekommen.
Der Koffer sieht sehr schön aus und die Gitarre passt genau in den Koffer.
Vielen Dank für die schnelle Lieferung nach Deutschland / Leipzig.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Frank - Germany

Greetings Manuel!

The guitar was finally delivered today.  It is in perfect shape and is just what I was hoping for.  Buying a guitar long distance is something of a gamble so I really am pleased with the result.  Thank you for the assistance in understanding the differences between all the various guitars I considered.  I am happy with my choice.

Keep smiling!

Charlie - USA

Dear Team 

Just a note to say thanks you for my beautiful Alhambra 4P which arrived very well packed today with no problems. Thanks for such a trouble free purchase.
Roger - UK

Dear Manuel

I have received the PS G3 guitar in a good order and performed also some checks. Thanks a lot indeed for your assistance so far.
Best regards
Faisal - Norway

thank you, i received my prudencio siaz 59 on christmas eve. this is my favorite guitar i have ever owned, beautiful sound and tone. thank you for your fast service and shipment. i forgot what strings you told me was put on this guitar. would you let me know i need to order more, they are great on this guitar as i dont want to switch. again thank you very much.

Darel - USA

Bonjour Manuel,

La guitare est arrivée à bon port!

Elle est magnifique! Je ne regrette pas le choix d'une table en épicéa, la sonorité est lumineuse à coté de mon autre guitare avec table en cèdre.

Elle devient complémentaire.

Je vous remercie du choix pour l'étui TGI Extreme protect il est excellent et merci pour le cadeau du supplément!

Merci encore pour tout, je suis comblé!

Meilleurs voeux pour 2021.

Michel - France

Good day Manuel,
I got my order, everything is in good condition. It was a great  gift for Christmas!
Thanks a lot for your excellent job.
Merry Christmas and all of the best in New 2021.
Sergey - Canada

Hello Manuel,

The guitar arrived today, thank you very much! 
We'll let the musician to do the unwrapping and check the sound later :-)
What a fabulous beauty this instrument is! 

Thanks for your amazing shop - it is outstanding.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!
Best regards,
Alex - Sweden

Bonjour Manuel

je voulais vous dire que la guitare P.Saez est superbe, elle me donne énormément de satisfaction !le son est puissant, chaleureux, précis dans les aigus et ronds dans les cordes graves !

Elle a une très belle sonorité ... (mais alors une guitare de concert !! qu'est ce que ça doit être !! )

La justesse du manche est très précise .

J'en suis très satisfait ! merci beaucoup

Christophe - France

Hello and thank you very much for keeping me updated. It was very useful to be able to track and be at home for delivery.
The guitar arrived today in perfect condition. It sounds and looks beautiful, and it is a big step up from my first guitar(s). I also noticed immediately how comfortable it feels to play it. It’s going to be very hard to go back to work today and tomorrow...
Maybe one day not far from now I will contact you again because I would love to also have a well made spruce guitar (my current one is very entry level), but first I want to develop a relationship with this one and, of course, save some money! :)
Gracias & Happy holidays! 
And oh, it smells lovely, too! It also seems to be very effective at putting my dog to sleep... :)))
Ioana - Romania

Magnifique étui reçu aujourd hui et parfaitement adapté à l instrument. Je vous remercie beaucoup ! Passez d heureuses fêtes. Cordialement

Noele - France

Hi Manuel,
I received my 10P guitar with the case today. Everything is all good and in order. It is totally a beautiful artwork! Just perfect! Thank you so much, and please pass my great appreciation to the team and masters who worked on my guitar in Alhambra factory and your team who helped with my order. Thank you!!!! And wish everyone happy holidays! Be safe and sound!
Best regards,
Lian - USA

manuel good morning,
i recive the guitar yesterday.
everything is just perfect, and we are very happy.
thanks a lot for everything, 
you are the best!!!
Tomer - Israel

FINALLY!  The Tatyana cedar arrived today exactly as you sent it - as you warned, they never even opened it at all, completely untouched.  Thank you for everything.
I've only had it for 1/2 hour, but even in this short time, I love it!  It is a wonderful instrument...
Again, many thanks, and Best to you and your company...
James - USA

Hola Manuel

MI guitarra Raimundo Tatyana Ryzhkova llegó anoche en perfectas condiciones, estoy sorprendido con la rapidez de entrega y la  protección del empaque. Gracias por una guitarra de excepcional calidad, belleza, sonido y fácil de tocar. No dudaré en recomendarlos a otras personas.

Luis - USA

Bonjour  Manuel;;

J'ai reçu la guitare   ce matin;   elle était très bien  emballée; la livraison  a été très rapide; l'étui  rigide  est  très  beau;  mais  surtout.... LA GUITARE  EST  EXCEPTIONNELLE

Je n'ai jamais entendu sonner une guitare comme ça! et c'est dans mon  salon ;  pas dans une église  à l' acoustique 

exceptionnelle :  quelle puissance   dans les basses,  les aigus;  quelle  chaleur dans les tonalités    !

Je  suis donc enchanté et vous remercie de vos conseils ; je reconnais avoir eu très peur  de me tromper  ; je suis arrivé sur votre  site  en tapant "guitares  SAEZ" et je croyais être sur le site  de c e fabricant pensant qu'il appelait  tous  ses  modèles  Alhambra..

C'est pour ça que je vous avais demandé  de la faire signer par le Luthier; j'ai réalisé après que  Alhambra était  un  autre  fabricant espagnol mais plutôt semi industriel; or je rêvais,  c'est  vrai, d'une guitare faite par un vrai luthier espagnol

Cela dit  la vidéo  de démonstration était si  convaincante  que j'espérais  bien  qu'elle soit réellement  exceptionnelle ;  à moins que l'enregistrement n' ait été fait  avec une guitare  éléctrifiée..sur internet on peut toujours avoir   des doutes..

Mais  non! l' Alhambra 11P  est vraiment une guitare incroyable par  ses qualités sonores , agréable  et  facile   à jouer ,  et  de plus , d'un luxe  inouï avec   des  bois  magnifiques et une finition parfaite.cela  en fait, non seulement une belle guitare ,mais aussi  un bel objet agréable à  regarder .

sa sonorité justifie sa présentation la qualifiant de guitare  de  concert

et son prix parait ,  à mon  avis , tout à fait raisonnable  eu  égard à toutes  ses qualités

En  conclusion ,Il n'est pas sûr que pour le même  prix, j'aurais pu trouver une  guitare pareille   chez un autre  fabricant

vous ne m'avez pas  menti;  merci  donc   , Manuel    et  bon  week  end

Daniel - France

Muchas gracias Manuel, de momento estoy saboreando su sonido. Sin duda va a ser una magnífica compañera durante el periodo de aislamiento y espero que siempre. 

Cuídense mucho. 
Saludos desde Gales, 
Nidal - Wales


I just wanted to let you know that my guitar was delivered yesterday.
No problems.
The guitar is excellent.
Thank you for all,
Patrick - USA

die Lieferung ist heute angekommen - alles bestens, ich bin sehr zufrieden. 
Herzlichen Dank. 
Wünsche alles Gute, Glück und Gesundheit!
Wilfried - Germany  

Received , nice guitar and great sound
Thank you 
Eric - Belgium 

Hola Manuel,

 ich hab die Lieferung erhalten – alles ist gut angekommen.

 Ich hab eine Riesenfreude :)

Vielen Dank nochmal für deine gute Betreuung!

Alles Gute und saludos cordiales,

Stefan – Austria 

Hi Manual Nunez,

The Camps FL-11C finally found it’s way to it’s now home. 

Thank You for all the great service,

Len – USA  

Dear mr NuñeZ,

Just received the guitar today..and i love it.Thank you very much for all your help.

 Best regards

Said – Netherlands 

Hi Manuel, 

Delighted to report i have the guitar. It's beautiful. 

Thanks for everything

Marcus – UK


I`ve received the guitar today. Sounds good, plays well and looks fantastic. Will recommend your shop to friends. 

Thank you guys.


Konstantins – Latvia

Cher Manuel bonsoir,

Juste ces quelques lignes pour vous remercier chaleureusement d'avoir su bien gérer ce contre temps ayant permis finalement la réception tant attendue de ma guitare ! 
Je l'ai réceptionnée en excellent état grâce au soin apporté et la solidité de son emballage. Elle me satisfait grandement, je suis enchanté et apprécie énormément le son et son matériel de qualité.

Très bonne suite et avec mes respectueuses salutations,

Davide – Switzerland 

Dear ladies and gentlemen at "guitar from spain", my name is Horvat. I would like to thank you very much for the fast delivery. I received the package undamaged. If I will need anything else in the future, I will be happy to get in touch with you, and I will be happy to recommend you to other interested parties.

Kind regards

Horvat – Germany   

Thank you & my thanks to everyone involved in shipping the guitar to Finland, everything went perfectly & I am very happy with your support & the guitar itself  :  ) I am very grateful that you didn't invoice me for the capo or strap adapter,  we will do business again in the future & meet when COV-19 has passed. Regards; 

Mark – Finland  

Hoy recibí mi guitarra Raimundo TR BlackLimba. Estoy muy satisfecho con la compra. La guitarra es exactamente como la publicitaron. El envío fue impecable. La compré desde los Estados Unidos. Llegó en perfecto estado y muy rápido. Suena magníficamente bien y es muy cómoda de tocar, además de bella. Muchas gracias a quienes corresponda por la seriedad, profesionalismo y respeto al cliente. Para ustedes un 10 por esta venta.

Hedder – USA 

The guitar arrived it is beautiful sounds nice,thank you for your help 

Laslo – Canada 

Hola Manuel!

Queria contarle que ya tenemos la guitarra muchisimas gracias mi esposo esta feliz!

Para su conocimiento la guitarra llego en perfecto estado  a un p.o box que tenemos en miami y luego a republica dominicana que es donde residimos.

Gracias de nuevo por su fina atencion!


Guadalupe – Dominican Republic 

Hola Manuel!

Queria contarle que ya tenemos la guitarra muchisimas gracias mi esposo esta feliz!

Para su conocimiento la guitarra llego en perfecto estado  a un p.o box que tenemos en miami y luego a republica dominicana que es donde residimos.

Gracias de nuevo por su fina atencion!


Guadalupe – Dominican Republic 

Hi, hope you’re keeping safe, just an update, my Camps guitar has arrived safely and is absolutely beautiful thank you once again for the excellent service.

Kindest of regards,

Ian – UK 

Hi Manuel,

Some feedback on my recently-arrived Alhambra 11P.   It arrived just fine, great condition.  Out of the box I didn’t like the setup, meaning the saddle was set a little high for my taste.  So I had my local guitar repair fellow put in a somewhat lower bone saddle.   I think the original setup is fine for a concert player with Segovia hands - but I’m not that guy.  So I picked it up today and really played it for the first time, set up like I like it.   And I LOVE it - the bass and middle strings ring clear and deep, and the high strings are beautiful.   It’s everything I hoped for - thanks for the suggestion of the 11P vs the not yet available Linea Profesional that we originally discussed.  I honestly can’t imagine what the difference could be vs the LP.  I’m a happy customer!

John – USA 

I received the guitar, and it is beautiful and sounds amazing.  I'll be sure to order from you again.


Brian – USA  

I live in Hong Kong, and ordered this model on Jul24, received on Aug3, quite fast! The guitar is in great condition, no damage at all to the pacakge.

Liuzhou – Hong Kong

Guitar arrived today, I m very happy with it. A beautiful guitar

Thanks for your great service

Paul - Australia 

Thank you so much! It came 3 days earlier than expected and its a beautiful guitar. You guys were very professional and courteous throughout our entire communication process! I really do appreciate doing business with you all. 

Montel - USA 


J'ai commandé pour mon mari cette guitare Alhambra 8FC Flamenco. 

Alors que la livraison était prévue pour lundi, mon mari l'a reçue aujourd'hui date de son anniversaire. 
C'est vraiment sympa. 
De plus elle est magnifique, livrée dans une très belle housse de qualité. 
Le livreur a été très arrangeant car nous n'étions pas chez nous. 
Merci pour cette prestation de grande qualité. 
Bien cordialement 

Roseline - France

Hallo Manuel Nunez,

Thank you a lot. What a surprise!! Today I receive my Camps guitar….amazing guitar …..amazing guitar from spain! What a service!!!

I’m so happy….the sn1s is perfect due to your quality control. No damage on transport…..fantastic and what a sound…

Thank you and have a great summer. Kind regards. 

Sacha - Switzerland

Dear  Manuel,

I got Guitar this morning. 

I am very excited for that. 

It looks good shape ,color and sound.

All I wanted. 

And also very fast delivery. 

Thank again, 

Jong - Canada 


Francois - France 


I HAD WANTED A TRADITIONAL SOLID WOODS GUITAR 'MUY DUENDE' for so long but nothing here in the u.s.a. is worth the cost really unless you have thousands for a luthier built instrument. To me this Prudencio Saez G11 (especially with the rich spruce) sounds every bit as good as the classicals and negras that cost $2500 and more. Of course it is not as loud as some concert guitars but it is actually surprisingly loud with the madagascar rosewood. I could not be happier. Sorry to go on and on but I just really wanted to say thank you and that you all are the best! 

Kris - USA  

Bonjour Manuel,

Ce message pour vous dire que votre guitare est arrivée il y a un peu moins d’une heure. 

Elle est magnifique !!!

Je l’ai jouée en acoustique et le son est très beau, j’essaierai plus tard de la brancher.

Je tenais à vous remercier, Manuel, de tout ce que vous avez fait.

Meilleures salutations,

Michel - Switzerland 

Holà manuel!

J'ai bien reçu le requinto prudencio saez 200, 

Un véritable bijou ...

Encore bravo pour votre professionnalisme (accompagnement, réactivité, savoir-faire, solutions...) , et le savoir-faire du luthier. 

Merci ! 

Laura - France 


My guitar just arrived. It's beautiful and souns great! Thank you <3


Anna - Poland 

Hi Manuel

Thanks a lot

I received my guitar and everything was perfect.

It was a pleasure dealing with you

Best regards

Hasan - Bahrain 

Hello Mr. Nunez

I have received the guitar today. I was rather happy and surprised because it arrived at 7:30 this morning, despite the small delay for departure I believe that delivery with UPS was the right choice.

Ordering a guitar on the other side of the continent without having tried it first is something!! But i think I will really like this new guitar (PS 290), it is possible that I make small adjustments but I am really impressed by the potential of the guitar.

It is possible that my uncle will also place an order on your website very soon (probably a PS 280). And maybe eventually I will order another guitar myself, most likely another model from Prudencio Saez.

Thank you very much for everything. It has been a pleasure to do business with you, your excellent customer service has given me confidence. I wish you the best and success with your business.

Best regards,

Mathieu - Canada

Ja! die Gitarre spielt sich toll und hat einen herrlichen Klang! Ich bin sehr zufrieden. 

Susanne - Germany

Mi paquete con todas piesas llegaron muy bien

Me ha gustado mucho  el guitar strap y los links
Te agradezco mucho por tu jentileza y de aqui a poco talvez te haga otro pedido

Solo quieto saber si el Alhambra strap 9517

Vale la Pena igual  como el que compré?

Ricardo - USA

saludos : recibi mi guitarra ase como media hora hermosa guitarra muy complacido con su sevicio y rapides otra ves gracias A+ su servicio caballero gracias otra ves  att: 

Angel - USA

Réception aujourd'hui de la guitare en parfait état, emballage compris.belle finition,travail soigné,controle fait et signé.

je vous remercie pour le temps rapide de livraison.
j'éspere passer de bon moments avec cette guitare.
merci et à bientot .bon courage à vous en cette periode difficile pour tous.salutations et merci.

Eric - France


Just received the Alhambra Luthier India Montcabrer in perfect order! What a beautifull instrument. The sound is out of this world. The instrument responds to to every nuance of playing. I think I will get addicted to this guitar.

Thanks for your excellent service!

Reidar - Norway

Hola Manuel,

Espero que todo este bien usted y su familia. Este asunto del coronavirus nos tiene a todos vueltos locos... 
Nada mas le escribo para confirmar que acabo de recibir la guitarra Camps NAC4 en perfecto estado. Muchisimas gracias por todo!
Tal como menciono', tiene un sonido excelente. Que' diferencia? Wow! -comparada con la Godin multiac Grand Concert Duet Ambience desconectada.
La calidad de la guitarra Camps es impresionante. Suena... perfecta! Muy sonora y balanceada. Fue' amor a primera tocada con esa guitarra.
Ahora me dan ganas de reemplazar mi Godin SA por la Camps CUT-900, aunque no sea de caja estrecha. Lo voy a pensar seriamente. Ya despues me comunico.
Un saludo,
Eduardo - USA
Bonjour Manuel,

Le colis UPS est bien arrivé !

Je suis très content de cette guitare Camps ( belle guitare pour un prix très raisonnable )
Je reviendrai vers vous à la prochaine occasion.

Question : que me conseillez-vous comme cordes pour cette guitare  ?  ( je suis bassiste/ contrebassiste et guitariste )

Encore merci


Guilles - France
Hello. Just wanted to let you know our guitar arrived safely  a couple of days ago. All intact. Phewww. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for everything. We are absolutely delighted with it and my son hasn't stopped playing his guitar since. Thank you again.
Best wishes, 
Celia - UK
Hello Manuel,
I just got the guitar.
It is simply wonderful!  all perfect.  I wanted to thank you so much for the patience and professionalism that you have reserved for me.  thank you so much.  
with esteem, 
Davide - Italy
Buenas tardes. Sirva el presente c.e. para informar que recién, el día de hoy, recibí paquete con la guitarra clásica Alhambra 7PA adquirida, encontrándose en perfecto estado en todos sus pormenores.
Como aficionado, estoy encantado con el producto. Es un gusto su manejo y su sonido.
Muchas gracias por todo su trabajo.
Un saludo cordial.
Vicente - Spain
Buenos dias Manuel, 
Solo decirte que ya llego!  La caté, (muy comoda y agradable) pruebas de micro (sorprendente a nivel de bajos para una semi-caja!  y la respuesta del fishman muy polivalente! 
Muchas gracias por todo! (trato, consejo, paciencia...) 

Queda esa cerveza pendiente  

Christian - Switzerland

Hi Manuel

Received guitar in flawless condition.
Very pleased with the beautiful construction and sound.
Many thanks for your excellent service.
Best wishes
Peter - Jersey

Bonjour Manuel,

J’ai bien reçu la guitare Admira A10EF, colis impeccable.

Elle correspond tout à fait à ce que j’attendais tant au niveau du toucher que du son que ce soit en électro ou en classique.

Bonne journée.

Bien à vous

Gaston - France


Thank you for delivery of a Prudencio Saez Flamenco Negra 24 guitar.

I am very happy with it.

May I ask you please ... what are the strings provided on the guitar

Thanks you

Vince - New Zealand

Juste un petit mot pour vous remercier de vos services (Inspection)et de l’attention portée à l’emballage,
J’avais certaines craintes concernant le transport.
Votre service a beaucoup de classe!
Je vous recommanderai  auprès de mon entourage.
Merci encore.
Bonne journée.
Patrick - Canada


Just letting you know I received my guitar on the 31st of December and I absolutely love it!  It plays so beautifully with great projection, tone and sustain and looks stunning.  It is was a hard decision to buy such a personal thing without seeing it or playing it in person, but I could not be happier thank you!

PS – What are the strings that are on the guitar? (I really like them)

All the best for 2020!

Thanks again,

Richard - New Zealand

Buenas tardes Manuel,

Ayer llegó el laud en perfectas condiciones y, por cierto, muy bien empaquetado.
Estoy muy satisfecho por el trato recibido y por la diligencia del envío.
Mucho me temo que voy a tener que "hacer publicidad" de su tienda en estas tierras, por si alguno de los tunos veteranos holandeses, con los que suelo tocar,  tienen a bien cambiar algunos de los instrumentos de pulso y púa que "maltratan" desde los años de universidad; años  que empiezan a estar cada vez más lejos en el tiempo.
Gracias por todo.
Un saludo cordial,
José Juan - Netherlands
I have just received my guitar in good condition and I am very happy with my purchase and your service.
Thank you,merry Christmas and all the best.
Nader - UK
Received the guitar. Looks and sounds great. The purchase and shipping process was excellent. The communications was outstanding. You are a first class company.
John - USA
Je viens de recevoir ma guitare classique Camps. 
Elle est magnifique. 
Merci de votre cadeau. 
A très bien tôt. 
Excellente journée à toute l'équipe. 
Christos - France
Hi my order just comes today everything is perfect thanks very much to Alhambra  people who spent years working hard making best of the best guitars very nice sounds  thankful
Hoa Do - Australia
Thank you Guys at Guitar from Spain!
Guitar well received and its a really good one.
Rui - Portugal
Dear Mr Manuel Nuñez,
I have received the guitar today,my father loves the gift very much,thanks for your patience and also thanks Alhambra Luthiers Mengual and Margarit who make the incredible guitar.
Xinyuan Sun - China
Mi pedido m ha llegado rapidísimo la funda de guitarra muchas gracias x la rapidez m da un poco de pena no haber pedido la Alhambra z nature a ustedes xk m tardo un mes y m vino sin funda mi próxima guitarra o otras cosas k necesite haré l pedido con ustedes otra vez mil gracias
Pascual - Switzerland
Thanks so much, I love my guitar, you the best company thank you my brother
Abdullah - Kuwait
Hello Manuel,

I love my new guitar and I can’t thank you enough!

I have not been able to put the guitar down since I got it – beautiful! 

Your description on your website was completely accurate. The action was set in flamenco fashion, wonderful ergonomics, feeling low and even but surprisingly with a lot of clarity and not too much buzz. I didn’t feel at all that I was fighting the action or trying to compensate. It was just right! Also, the tone was round, full and warm, but could be pushed to the bright side when I wanted. It was so easy to control different tone qualities throughout all the entire fretboard with clarity. The quality of construction and materials is excellent. Also, one thing you said in your description of the instrument about the separation between the voices is especially true. No matter how soft or loud, every voice per each string was completely distinct and blended warmly with the total sound. This guitar is an unbelievable value for the money. I had heard several recordings done with the Camps Primera A Flamenco and fell in love with the sound. Having the guitar in my hands finally, all I had hoped for is true. This is truly a wonderful instrument.

I had an excellent experience buying from Guitar From Spain and I will definitely look there to buy other instruments. 

Thank you so much!!!

Joseph - USA

Hi Manuel, i’m Marco from italy, the camps fl11c Negra is arrived and it’s wonderful! Thanks of all ! Now i think to buy a camps classical case...good days !   ( i’m a professional player, a ethnic violinist, my website is )

Marco - Italy

I have been playing this instrument for 500 hours and I must say it is still developing a better sound. I am very impressed with the construction of this guitar. I have used it amplified and into a Roland GR-55 synthesizer. Fantastic amplified. Harmonics, sustain are improving the longer I play it.

Thank you for such a beautiful sounding instrument!

Ken - Canada

Bonjour Manuel,
J’ai reçu la guitare hier en parfait état. Elle est magnifique! Merci pour votre aide, vos réponses toujours rapides et sympathiques et également pour la housse de bonne qualité! 
Je n’hésiterai pas à vous recommander!
Bien à vous,
Antoine - France
Hi! The guitar has arrived in perfect condition. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Thank you so much.

Kind regards
Alexander - Sweden
It arrived at 4pm today, after a quick overnighter from the east coast, once it finally got released by US Customs, who had held it for suspicion of importation of illegal animal parts (the bone nut?). Kind of weird as the CITES sticker and other information was already present. At least the worries are over now!
This guitar is beyond my wildest expectations; easily the match of a $4K instrument (just as some reviewers had stated). Very warm, but not buzzy, and great action and feel. It's very Flamenco Nuevo, which is what I wanted and why I switched from my earlier choice after noting that that one had a more traditional sound. I'm going to be using this some in Brasilian styles as well (where nylon guitars of various types are more common than arch-top jazz guitar), so I needed this versatility.
Do you know for sure that it was strung with D'addario Pro-Arte EJ46FF Carbon strings? My caliper isn’t super-accurate and gets different gauge measurements each time I use it, but I think the wound strings are thicker and thus might be the next one up in that series. I ask, because I love the strings, so likely won’t change.
One final question, as I keep detailed records of every aspect of my instruments: do you know what bracing this model uses? I had assumed that flamencos use Spanish Fan Bracing like classical guitars, but from the parts I can see through the soundhole, I think it’s something else (and probably true of most flamencos).
Mark - USA
Dear Manuel Nuñez:
Today is a sunny day. FedEx delivered my long-awaited guitar at 12:30 p.m. (It took me almost a month from placing an order to today). When I opened the box, all the tangles of waiting and expectation disappeared. The outer package of the guitar (the carton is as thick as cardboard) is undamaged. The guitar box is intact. Open the guitar box and the guitar lights up. Check that there are no scratches on the whole paint surface. That is great! Here, I would like to thank you for your professional service. I will also introduce your website to my friends. Thanks again.
I wish you good health and all the best.
David - China

Hi Manuel,

Just to confirm that a lovely Raimundo 148 arrived in Dublin last week.

All the aspects I asked for were correct and I thank you for this.

The guitar is very lovely.

Gracias y hasta la proxmia.

Kind regards,

Ronan - Ireland


Bien reçu aujourd'hui ma Prudencio Saez G36 dans son étui. Merci beaucoup ! L'instrument était très bien emballé. La guitare n'a subi aucun dommage. Super!
Sebastien - France
Estimado Manuel ; ya tengo en mis manos la guitarra y en perfecto estado. Agradezco la seriedad y responsabilidad en todas las etapas de esta compra.
Atte . 
Claudio - Chile
Bonjour, bien reçue la guitare comme prévue merci, nous sommes très satisfait et n’hésiterons pas à repasser commande chez vous encore merci pour tout, bien cordialement
Lynda - France

Je viens de recevoir ma guitare Raimundo bossa nova 2 et j'en suis ravi 

Elle est arrivée en parfait état dans un carton intact. 

Elle est magnifique , les finitions sont superbes et elle semble très agréable à jouer. 

Merci pour votre travail 

continuez à faire de belles guitares espagnoles

Marc - France

Hi Manuel,

Just received the Raimundo 148 safely.

What a beautiful instrument, i can't wait to spend some time with it.

Thanks for the excellent service which you provide.

best regards

Geoff - UK

Estimado Manuel,

He podido confirmar, a través de nuestras comunicaciones via correo electrónico, su alto sentido de responsabilidad hacia el
cliente, en unión a su vasto conocimiento
Guillermo - USA
Thank You!!! Mil gracias. Es un excelente instrumento y el gig bag le quedo como anillo al dedo.
Chris - USA
Muchisimas gracias! Ayer me llegó la guitarra.
La calidad de la guitarra esta increíble.
Un saludo,
Eduardo - USA
Estimado Manuel,
Este requinto Raimundo 1495 es toda una obra de arte.  Lo recibí ayer martes 19 a las 5:30 pm , y fue una gratísima sorpresa, pues su entrega se suponía fuera hoy.
(Aunque ese detalle me llevó a pensar 'respetuosamente' que se trató de una broma inocua y de buen gusto de su parte, como para acentuar la sorpresa, porque no dudo que usted estuviese ya al tanto del movimiento.)
El empaque fue genial: ¡parecido a la envoltura de una momia egipcia!  
El acabado nos impactó de tal manera que mi esposa Margarita apagó el televisor
para admirar ese "espejo en madera", como le llamó.
El exceso de tiempo dedicado a contemplar el requinto, me limitó el espacio para cambiarle las cuerdas e instalarle las Hannabach MT837, que resisten la afinación
comenzando con LA en la 6ta.  Hoy terminé de afinar, pero faltará mucho tiempo para que "caigan en su sitio".  Aunque no esté afinado, el sonido es fuerte y agradable. Ha sido una experiencia inolvidable, el haber podido escoger las maderas, sin trabas de luthiers, y lograr un bello instrumento como este, cuya calidad sonora habrá de enriquecerse con el correr del tiempo.
En este año, Dios mediante, pensaba adquirir una guitarra Ramírez "Del Tiempo",
con su estuche.  Pero al tener en mis manos esta obra Raimundo 1495, seguro que cambiaré de parecer... Espero poder contar con usted.
Una vez más mi saludo y profundo agradecimiento, Manuel, por su ayuda constante para la tramitación exitosa de esta orden. Le deseo mucha salud y prosperidad. 
Guillermo - Puerto Rico
I justed wanted to inform you that my Camps FL-11-C was well delivered last Friday. Nice guitar!
The Fishman sounds better than I expected. 
Best regards,
Carl - Belgium
Hi Manuel,
The Ramirez SPR arrived today, and I’m totally blown away by it. Its sound is wonderful, matching its appearance. The size and playability are perfect. In short, it’s everything I would have expected from a Ramirez guitar. 

Thanks again for answering my questions, which aided greatly in my decision to purchase this guitar. 
Richard - USA
Hola Manuel,
Compré finalmente el estuche Cibeles, en tan solo 3 días ya lo tenía en casa!!
Mañana entregaremos el regalo, espero que le guste y vaya genial para nuestra admira.
Gracias por el buen servicio y hasta la próxima!!
Susana - Spain
Hola Manuel,
I just want to say that I'm very satisfied with my new Prudencio Saez 909. They arrived within two days and they look great and tune like butter on my Esteve Model no.1. Muchas gracias!! 
Greetings from Holland

Rob - Holland

Hallo Manuel
Hat alles super geklappt, Versand, Zoll etc. und ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Gitarre! Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!
Vielen Dank! Ich wünsche Dir ein rundum positives 2019! 
Grüsse aus der Schweiz.
Konrad - Switzerland
Hola Manuel: La guitarra llego bien, estoy muy satisfecho con las maderas, las terminaciones y el sonido que produce. Deseo también darle las gracias por la gestión que hizo para conseguirme ese modelo, y de paso desearle una feliz navidad y mucho éxito en el nuevo año que se avecina. 

Nestor - 
San Juan, Puerto Rico

I received my Guitar on Monday 11/5/2018 in a perfect condition. It's very nice Guitar. Thank you very much.
Hung Lo - USA


I just came back home and the Camps was waiting for me.

I love it, It’s sound a little bit « young » but it promise a lot for the futur . That’s the guitar I was looking for to bring with me everywhere .

Thank you

AnToineS - Belgium

Dear Manuel,
I have just received today my guitar 7P, in la Réunion.

The package is in perfect condition and the guitar is wonderfull.
I want to thank you again for the quality of your service.

I will recommand your company to my friends.

Kind regards.
Michel - La Réunion
I want to let you know that the guitar I received today is exactly what I was looking for.
My Alhambra 2F is amazing.

Not only is it beautifully made, it also looks beautiful and has a wonderful even smells nice, ha ha, I love Cedar 
When I decided I needed a guitar to call mine,(the first acoustic was a gift from a family member)one that 
I had bought.

Two years ago I decided to start playing Bass Guitar at age 57, struggling through YouTube lessons
my half sister gave me a 50 year old guitar in new condition and with it I have gone to city college and study guitar
piano and music theory.

I now love guitar, I still fool around with my basses but my primary instrument is now guitar.
When I started to look for Flamenco Guitars here in Los Angeles I found my options were limited.

We found your site and I knew I found the right place to buy my guitar from.
I did research for almost two months and you guys have the best place for the price and what you deliver
is absolutely what you say it is. 

My teacher thinks I got a wonderful deal and the other students(and friends) will now only hear GUITAR FROM SPAIN
as my best recommendation where to buy great guitars from.

Thank you so much again for having this website available because even though everyone make guitars these days
and even nice quality ones I was looking specifically for Flamenco and here in LA we fall short miserably for affordable
Flamenco type guitars.

Please keep your site alive as it is the best place I found.

Pete - USA
Buenos días Manuel,
Ayer por fin recibimos la guitarra. Comentarle que es realmente preciosa y espero que se le quede la cara de admiración que se me quedó a mí en cuanto la vi.
Gracias por todo y espero poder adquirir un modelo superior más adelante.
Susana - Spain
Got my guitar yesterday.  Looks and plays great.  I love it.  Thank you very much.
Aaron - USA
Received the guitar a few days ago.  Actually one day earlier than expected.  Beautiful instrument!
Thank you for your kind service.  Very easy process and everything went smooth. Great guitar, great service and great price! What else could anyone ask for!
Greg - USA
Sr. Nuñez,
I want to send a note o say thank you so much for your assistance in my order for the guitar and the extras.  It arrived this morning and it is strait and was well packaged and FedEx driver was holding it like it was delicate china.  It's beautiful like my old one but in some ways nicer.   I remember that fresh spruce smell.
Again, Thank you so much,  This one will never leave my side.  i promise you.
Pedro - USA
Thank you very much. The guitar arrived this morning. Thank for the excellent services you provided 
Mustafa - USA
El pedido ha llegado a la dirección convenida. De momento parce todo correcto. Gracias por su profesionalidad y agradezcan de mi parte también a guitarras Alhambra por su A. 10 premier, los aficionados a la guitarra también tenemos derecho a escuchar bellos instrumentos que acompañen nuestro cancionero más popular.
Cada día que pasa descubro una virtud nueva en esta guitarra. Espero disfrutarla y que la disfruten mucho tiempo. 
Saludos a todo el equipo de Guitarfromspain
Enrique - Spain
Hello, This is AmirAmin Yazdani. i received my pack to day and i just want to appreciate you. there is not any problem with the products. So thank you again and i wish to buy a more professional guitar from you.
AmirAmin - USA
Hi Manuel,

This is to inform you that I've been delivered my guitar today. I've received it in perfect condition. I'm overwhelmed by the tone, projection, sustained and balance between the treble and bass of this luthier aniversario model. I'd like to thank you for your valuable advice, dedication and the excellent quality service. You deserve the trust that your customers place in you. I wish you and all staff of Guitar from Spain all the best and keep on providing guitar lovers as me with such service. I won't hesitate to recommend your shop to my friends. By the way, don't forget to let me know once you receive the Ramirez bone nut 50 mm that I talked to you about; I've some other accessories to order from you. Thank you again. I wish you well.

Best regards 

Joy - Mauritius

Hi Manuel,
I received the guitar yesterday and I am very pleased! The workmanship on her is wonderful. I really like the dark red purfling they used that complements the rosette very well. The wood is gorgeous. On it's own it's a beautiful piece of art. The sound is wonderful, it has a very good balance between the treble and bass notes.I am completely satisfied and possibly in love!
I had never heard of Raimundo Guitars before this but was impressed by your prompt and courteous responses so I decided I would take a chance on ordering a custom guitar. I want to thank you for your excellent service and willingness to answer all my questions. You showed a high level of integrity from start to finish.
Music helps me to deal with the craziness of this world and playing a beautiful instrument is inspiration itself.
Be well,
Maribel- USA
Dear Guitar From Spain,
I received the guitar on February 20, 2017. order # ETLMZFSMW with bag and tuner. No damage, everything is good. The guitar Camps CL20-C is fantastic. Thank you. I feel very comfortable having business with You.
Branko - USA


I have received the guitar and it is in perfect condition. 
It is a very nice looking and sounding guitar for a very reasonable price. An added bonus is that I was able to have the Fishman pre-amp fitted.
I shall definitely recommend your online store to others.


Thong - UK


Trust all well with you and yours?

I received the C1 this Monday and am very pleased with it. It looks fantastic and sounds fantastic so much volume particularly on the bass strings for such a small guitar. The scale length well, just perfect and I am now able to move from playing the Raimundo 1495 to the Rodriguez C1 effortlessly enabling me to enjoy the different sound both guitars make.

I would be most grateful if you could pass on my sincere thanks to M. Rodriguez for making the guitar and I would also like to thank you for all your effort on my behalf, as I have stated before it is a pleasure doing business with Guitar from Spain.

I remain

Yours most sincerely

Raymond - UK

Dear Manuel,

 I am just letting you know, that my new Ramirez SPR has arrived safe and sound today.

This instrument is like extra made for me. The guitar is wonderful and the sound is

fully corresponding with that. So, my life long dream to have an istrument from Ramirez manufacture

became reality. Many thanks for your excellent services. And I will recommend your shop


Your sincerelly

Vaclav - Czech Republic

Hola Manuel!! He recibido la guitarra que compre. Estoy muy contento con el producto , una belleza.

Agradezco tu atencion y toda la informacion que me brindaste para despejar todas mis dudas!!!! Abrazo grande!!!!!

Pablo - Argentina


 Hope you are well?

Received the Raimundo 1495 guitar and case yesterday and I thought I would drop you a line to thank you for the way your company has conducted the business transition, I am very impressed.

 The guitar is everything I was lead to expect from your superb web site, the quality of the guitars  finish and sound for its size is amazing. The base note have a long sustain superbly contrasted by the treble strings. Its action is  superbly smooth, and the tuning mechanism wonderfully easy all in all one very satisfied customer.

 If you have the chance please pass on my sincere thanks to those at Raimundo for producing such a lovely instrument.

 I would also be most grateful if you could inform me of the make of strings they use on this instrument.

 Yours most sincerely

Ray - UK


Just writing to say I received the order 2 days ago. 

A well packaged guitar, very beautiful - and most importantly - a very satisfied customer :)
Thank you. 


Marcus - Sweden

Thank you for delivering my order which arrived very quickly and in perfect condition having been quality controlled checked prior to despatch.The experience of shopping with Guitar From Spain has been an extremely positive experience and I would not hesitate to recommend to others.

Tina - UK


Many thanks for the guitar which arrived today. Well packed, good guitar case and a lovely guitar. I really like the mature tone and quality of sound from the SPR.

Geoff - UK

Dear Manuel

I would like to let you know that I received the Ramirez 130 Anniversary guitar today. It was delivered before 9 AM Australian time, Friday.
The packaging was excellent, the service of the courier's company faultless. 
The sound and the look of the guitar is wonderful. I love the Alhambra LGCC case, it is well padded very strong and exceptionally light.
The accessories that I ordered packed in a separate box with a great care. Your service and the products are first class.
Thank you very much. It was a truly a wonderful experience.
Zofia - Australia
Dear Manuel, 
I am writing one last time to extend my appreciation for your assistance and clear dedication to all facets of your trade. The instrument was delivered to me on Wednesday March 2nd; it took several days to clear customs but finally they released it. I almost missed the NYC David Russell concert because I was waiting for UPS to make the delivery that day – the driver finally showed up at 5:45! Everything was, and is, in perfect shape. Now that I’ve gotten in a few solid hours of playing I will say that this is probably the finest guitar I have ever laid my hands on. I’ve played my teachers’ custom built models but this Raimundo to me sounds better than anything I’ve ever heard. I am astounded by the range of colors and tones that are coming out of it, and the sheer beauty of every note (well, almost every note – the ones I get right!). The projection and sustained resonance of sound is incredible. I am at best an average or mediocre player but it seems that the instrument itself is taking me into a range of expression that I did not think I could ever achieve. It probably belongs on a concert stage somewhere in the hands of a professional or a more serious student, but I could not possibly be happier. It is exactly what I was seeking in terms of a bright, full, traditional sound, and responsive to the smallest changes in touch. I have indeed shed tears already at the richness of her voice. I can only imagine what colors a more expert player might find in it’s palette; someday I’ll let my teacher play it just to hear!   Please send my compliments as well to the Raimundos and their shop. Their work is exquisite and meticulous and in every centimeter and every curvature I can see what love and passion has been put into their craft. I will highly recommend and praise their instruments, and your shop, to anyone who asks.   
With the greatest respect, and kind regards, 
Sarah - USA

J'ai reçu ma guitare, tout est très bien, je suis très content! Je vous remercie pour le sérieux de votre service et de votre suivi!

Au plaisir! Je parlerais de votre site à mes amis
Stélio - France
Hello, Manuel. Thank you for the update. I am very excited to hear that my new guitar is in transit. I agree with many of your other customers' comments that you have created an amazing buying experience. I will share with you that I sent many e-mails to guitar shops in the US, including the Alhambra US on-line "Information Request". I simply stated that I would like to purchase this guitar and provided all of my contact details. That was over a month ago. As of today, I have not yet received one single response. When I found your site I expected the same result. What a pleasant surprise to find such an organized and responsive dealer. It is so convenient to go on-line and track my order. Most of all, there is an actual human being to answer questions and offer advice. Thank you for this excellent service. 
Michael - USA
Guitarra recibida en perfecto estado, muy bien embalada y con un acabado excelente. Gracias, siento que es un instrumento muy especial y su empresa ha mejorado aún más la experiencia de adquirirlo.
Andres - Spain
Hello every body
I have bought a Manuel Rodriguez FC guitar and two string sets ,the guitar was in a very well and safe packaging, High quality and beautiful guitar without any problem and with good smell of high quality wood :)
In addition to these pros , the most important thing was responsibility and patience of Mr. Manuel Nunez. I live in IRAN and unfortunately shipping to Iran had some difficulty . I wrote more than 35 emails to Manuel , from asking about guitars to shipping problems , and he replied,guided and helped me patiently . Finally with the help of Manuel the shipping company sent the parcel and I received it . Thank you Manuel and guitarfromspain crew .
Farid - Iran

Dear Manuel

Thank you very much for quick delivery and  professional assistance.
Camps Primera Negra is really amazing guitar, and I shall surely come again to your guitar shop.
Cheers from Oman

Dejan - Oman

Dear Manuel,
Thank you so much for your time and help. I was anxious about placing an overseas order and your prompt replies and assurance really put my mind at ease. We received the beautiful Alhambra requinto so quickly. Our Suzuki instructor tuned it up for us and said that we got lucky that it is so nicely balanced with a great tone. My son is very very happy about his early birthday present.
Warmest regards,

Susan - USA

Hi Manuel,

Just want to express my appreciation of your excellent services on this purchase.

My guitar arrived last Friday in perfect condition after placing my order a week earlier. It’s a beautiful guitar and sounds great.


Stephen - Australia