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Camps Guitars 

Tradition and innovation in classical guitars and flamenco guitars made in Spain

Camps Guitars was founded in 1945 by Juan Camps Coll, whose twin loves of music, and carpentry made the art of guitar making a natural calling. Camps’ vocation was such, that his life’s work quickly became dedicated to constructing a guitar adapted to the specific needs of each and every musician. 

And for the last 70 years, the master luthiers at Guitarres Camps have devoted their lives to fulfilling his wishes. 

The Camps workshop itself is located in the picturesque village of Porqueres, close to the Gulf of Roses on the northeastern Catalan coast of Spain. Here, craftsmen and craftswomen, all of whom are experts in their trade, apply the traditional methods of guitar making that have been passed down to them through the generations, to construct each new model: they first select, then saw the woods for each instrument; they assemble, polish and finish it. And every step of the construction process is subject to a rigorous supervision of quality control. 

Notwithstanding the traditional nature of their business, Camps are firm believers in the importance of research and development, and this spirit of innovation has led to new and modern elements that have greatly enhanced the quality of their instruments and the richness of the sounds they produce. Examples of these advances include the truss rod placed inside the neck and their exclusive amplification system that incorporates six independent saddles on the bridge. 

Today, Camps Guitars are world-renowned for the quality of the instruments they produce. Their range includes classical and flamenco guitarsstudent guitarsconcert guitars, and cutaway and electro-acoustic guitars. They also offer customized guitars, made according to the guitarists’ specifications. Juan Camps Coll would be proud to know that his sons Jordi and Javier Camps, who are at the helm of the business today, have fulfilled his ambition: today, every musician can find the guitar of his or her dreams at Camps Guitars. 

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