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Artisan of guitars and native instruments such as the Timple Canario, Cuban Tres, Venezuelan Cuatro, among other stringed instruments.

ABRAHAM MARRERO is one of the most renowned manufacturers of traditional musical instruments on the island of Tenerife. His passion for the sonority of our own musical instruments makes him combine pure and exquisite tradition with the most modern innovation. The ABRAHAM LUTHIER brand has always been linked to the world of Canarian folklore and offers a wide range of instruments (timples, contras, lutes, bandurrias, cuatros, classical guitars...) with the most extensive catalogue in terms of performance, wood and sonority. They manufacture a series of instruments made with love and respect for our traditions and with the most creative innovation for all levels. All the woods used in the construction of their instruments, both laminated and solid, are certified for such use and meet the highest quality standards.
Abraham Marrero's family tradition goes back to the time of Maestro Andrés de Lanzarote, Abraham's great-grandfather, a renowned timple maker. His son, Andrés Albornoz, inherited the technique and wisdom of Maestro Andrés.
Nowadays, Abraham takes up this tradition and updates it, contributing to the evolution of the timple in the 21st century.

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