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Admira Guitars

Quality classical  and flamenco guitars made in Spain at very affordable prices

Admira Guitars was founded in 1944 by Enrique Keller Fritsch, a German businessman who had emigrated south to Spain in 1933, where he settled in Zarautz, a small coastal town in Gipuzkoa.  Several generations of the family have worked together over the years since then, developing and producing classical Admira guitars, as well as flamenco guitars and electro-classical guitars. And their dedication to their craft has certainly paid off: today the small company Keller began just a few years after the end of the Spanish Civil War is one of the largest and most well-known builders of classical guitars in the world.

Admira is still based in northern Spain, where craftsmen and craftswomen combine traditional guitar-making processes, passed down through the family, with innovative manufacturing techniques to make affordable instruments of extraordinary depth and richness.

Today the company is in the capable hands of Keller’s grandchildren. 

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