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Guitar strap Alhambra 9514

The guitar strap Alhambra 9514 is a simple and comfy strap. Two kinds of fabric in the surface of the strap, in brown shades. This strap fits perfectly with any guitar or bass. The Alhambra 9514 guitar strap is minimalistic, smart, simple.. you can get the right look and the Plain strap can go with you. The Alhambra 9514 is made of textile fabric and microfiber, this looks so cool! and the lining is made all in microfiber. The end tabs of this guitar strap are made of fine bovine leather, they're very strong!. This strap has a padding made of 2 mm thick low density latex. Concerning the measures, the Alhambra 9514 is narrower than the other Alhambra guitar straps, with just 5 cm wide. This looks great!. And has an adjustable lenght from 86 cm to 150 cm. Designed and manufactured in Spain.

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The guitar strap Alhambra 9517 is made of cork. This is a Vegan cushioned guitar strap. The cork is a natural, ecological and sustainable material which comes from oak and which is traditionally used in the manufacture of wine stoppers, and for many years also for making shoes, sofas and clothing... This guitar strap measures 6 cm wide. And has a length between 95 and 150 cm with the unique adjustment system designed by Righton Straps RAS (Righton Adjustment System) to adjust the strap to the desired length. The Alhambra 9517 also has a microfiber lining that does not slip and perspire sweat. This strap is padded with 5mm latex which makes it very comfortable and very light. In the front end tab has two small pockets and has two "Fast pick dispender". you'll never lose your picks any more, better give them to your audience. Designed and manufactured in Spain.

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