Ramirez Strings Hard Tension CARBON

Ramirez guitar Strings HIGH TENSION. These silver-wound bass strings are especially well-balanced. Superb quality timbre and intonation, as well as a powerful sound. The material with which the nylon strings are made is of the very highest quality, and their response and intonation ensure a perfect balance of sound. In this set, the 3rd string is made of carbon composite for superior attack and intonation. 


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Jose Ramirez I founded Ramirez Guitars in 1882, in the famous Rastro area of Madrid and for almost 150 years, the Ramirez family have dedicated their lives to the construction of high-quality guitars, passing their traditional knowledge on from generation to generation. These first instruments had strings made from animal intestines, but during WWII, gut was needed all too often for medical sutures, meaning catgut (cat as in cattle, not feline) was in short supply.

Classical guitar maestro Andres Segovia was forced to start using fishing line from the DuPont company to replace some of his strings at the time, and he encouraged guitar builders to investigate this alternative new material. The result was the development of much more reliable and trouble-free E, B and G strings for the concert classical guitar.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and Amalia Ramirez (great-great-great granddaughter of Jose) decided to raise to Segovia's challenge and create her own brand of premium strings to ensure a consistently high quality of tone, intonation and projection for Ramirez's line of concert grade classical guitars. Made from world-class materials and manufactured to her own exacting standards, these strings are offer a flawless balance of sound.  

TENSIÓN FUERTE (con 3ª de Carbono)// HARD TENSION  (3rd string in Carbon)
1ª Mi =0,75 mm       7,575Kg
2ª Si = 0,85 mm       5,700 Kg
3ª Sol = 0,88 mm     6,250 Kg  (Carbon)
4ª Re = 0,82 mm      7,950 Kg
5ª La = 0,89 mm      7,020 Kg
6ª Mi = 1,13 mm      6,650 Kg


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